Statement by Heckler & Koch on current media reports on new charges against Heckler & Koch as well warranty claims owing to alleged quality defects of the G36

Oberndorf. The company issues the following statement with regard to new charges against Heckler & Koch, as well as warranty claims owing to alleged quality defects of the G36:

Heckler & Koch only has third party information on the new charges alleging fraud. We will, as always, cooperate fully with the authorities and will provide all requested documentation, necessary for the investigation.

Based on our internal investigation we have found nothing to indicate that there is any basis for this allegation. All documentation demonstrates that the G36 rifle not only fully met the requirements for an assault rifle, but met, or exceeded, the contractual requirements specified by the Federal Armed Forces.

Accordingly, the claims made by the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Federal Armed Forces (BAAINBw), alleging quality defects, appear to be without any factual support and are therefore unfounded. The blanket statements made in the claims letter by BAAINBw,  with regard to the behavior of the weapon under the effects of heat, do not relate to any quality defects. In all supplied versions, and since being supplied to the Federal Armed Forces, the G36 has met, or exceeded, the contractually required specifications on all counts, including the Technical Purchase Specifications (TL).

Heckler & Koch therefore rejects all claims pertaining to any alleged liability for these unspecified material defects.

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