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AG36 | The 40 mm x 46 add-on grenade launcher

The 40 mm x 46 AG36 add-on grenade launcher has been designed specifically for use on the G36/G36K.

This combination gives the user added effectiveness against unarmoured or lightly armoured area and point targets at ranges up to 350 m (depending on the ammunition). The AG36 fires 40 mm x 46 (low velocity) grenades of any length – including HE rounds, impulse rounds, CS gas cartridges, smoke grenades and other type of ammunition. All of the grenades for the american M203 and MM1 grenade launchers can also be used.

(SAM) AG36 the stand-alone configuration

The AG36 can be deployed as a stand-alone grenade launcher, independently of any primary weapon. Therefor the buttstock element is pushed into the add-on grenade launcher and locked in place using the G36 locking pin mount. The buttstock is available as an accessory.


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