GLM | One system, two uses

The GLM 40 mm add-on grenade launcher (LV) has the same function, characteristics and handling as the AG36. Developed for use on the HK416/HK417, it can also be mounted on M4/M16 or C7/C8 type assault rifles by means of a special adapter. As a scalable system, through the use of optional accessory components the GLM can also be carried as a stand-alone weapon (SAM GLM) independently of any primary weapon.

(SAM) GLM the stand-alone configuration

With the addition on a retractable buttstock, the GLM can be used as a stand-alone launcher. An integral MIL-STD (Picatinny) rail also allows a folding vertical foregrip to be added. In this configuration, GLM can be used effectively as a “grenade pistol” in confined spaces without the buttstock attached.



Heckler & Koch was awarded a competitive contract to produce the new add-on grenade launcher for the U.S. Army. The M320 was envisioned, tested, and selected with operator involvement in a full and open competition in 2005. The U. S. M320 40 mm x 46 Grenade Launcher Module may replace the inventory of M203 grenade launchers currently in use by the Army,

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