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GMG | Perfected technology

Increasingly, armed forces worldwide require a universal fire support system. In the past, armies have depended on heavy machine guns or add-on grenade launchers, but neither is an ideal solution. With normal small arms, effective aimed shots become less likely as the range increases. Moreover, conventional rifle ammunition provides no fragmentation effect, and is largely ineffective against armoured vehicles. Add-on grenade launchers, on the other hand, have the disadvantage of a relatively low rate of fire.

In order to close this effectiveness gap in infantry weapons, Heckler & Koch has developed a long-range grenade machine gun with a large indirect area of effect – the GMG in calibre 40 mm x 53 (high velocity).

Thanks to its high rate of fire, combined with the fragmentation and anti-armour effect of the 40 mm rounds, the GMG combines the advantages of machine guns and grenade launchers. What is more, it provides high operational flexibility. It can be used either on a tripod as an infantry weapon for engaging ground targets, or installed on a mount for use on land vehicles or patrol boats. Integrated safety features and well thought-out mechanical elements make the GMG what it is: one of the most technologically advanced grenade machine guns in the world.


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