MG4 | The reliable machine gun with high firepower

The development of the “infantryman of the future (IDZ)” equipment concept for the German army is aimed at increasing the capability of the German army by means of a new armament concept. This is the reason why a lightweight, compact machine gun of high firepower was required. The idea was that it could be carried by one soldier and would guarantee full mobility in difficult terrain and also in the urban environment.

The MG4 meets all these requirements perfectly and offers the latest technological advances. It provides unmatched performance characteristics: Owing to its low recoil, the shot is readily controllable, giving high target precision. Its great combat effectiveness and range, optimal rate of fire and simple handling makes it a weapon unlike any other.


The MG4 is a one-man weapon with night combat capability. It has an integrated bipod and mounting points for using the USM122 tripod. The MG4 can also be used in a wide variety of vehicles as a mainor secondary weapon.

EXAMPLE MG4 (VEHICLE WEAPON): Main or secondary weapon with preperation for remote firing device and safety/fire selector lever. Without rear sight, buttstock, handguard, cartridge case deflector or bipod. Barrel length: 450mm.

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