MG5 | Universal Machine Gun. Modular. Reliable. Superior.

As the successor of the MG3, the MG5 opens a new era of universal belt fed 7.62 mm x 51 machine guns. Compared to others, the gas operated MG5 offers an intelligent and contemporary build standard, with numerous technical and ergonomic innovations. The mounting interface of the MG5 is compatible with MG3 mounts and tripods already in service. The universal MG5 can be used by dismounted infantry in the ground role, as well as for air defence or as a vehicle mounted/co axial machine gun.

MG5 A1 (Mounted). For FLW100, Puma turret configuration etc.

MG5 (Universal).

MG5 A2 (Infantry).


Machine Guns


  • Cocking in all safety positions
  • Withstands barrel obstruction test to NATO-AC225/D14 standards (soft core and Steel core ammunition DM111A1//DM111A2, DM151)
  • Can be installed on all mounts and tripods originally developed for MG3 machine guns
  • Full day and night fighting capability
  • NATO-STANAG 4694 mouting rails (compatible with MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails) for a variety of day and night sights or additional Accessories
  • Foldable and length adjustable buttstock options
  • Mission related optional barrel lengths (quick change barrel with carrying handle)
  • Tool less and simple reconfiguration to a Mounted, universal, Special forces or Infantry Machine gun
  • Robust and reliable even under extremely adverse environmental conditions
  • 3 position rate of fire adjustment
  • Special buffer reduces recoil forces and stabilises the rate of fire
  • Ambidextrous safety/fire selector lever
  • Almost identical operation to MG4/MG4K
  • Belt feed with loading indicator


  • Machine gun for engagement of point or multi targets (support/suppressive fire)
  • Mounted as field/vehicle machine gun or deployed as an anti-aircraft Weapon (e.g. on FLw100)
  • Integrated as a secondary or coaxial armament (e.g.Puma turret configuration)
  • Sustained fire support weapon for mobile infantry
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