P30CM | The new training system

TRAIN SUCCESSFULLY. With the P30CM (Colour Marker), for the first time Heckler & Koch is offering law enforcement users a shooting training system at the highest level of quality. Extremely effective and realistic simulations of operational scenarios can now be implemented at low cost and with a minimum of personal protective equipment.

The P30CM is a compressed air operated, pollutant-free marker weapon in calibre 11.4 mm CM. It fires plastic capsules filled with food dye at realistic engagement distances. The balls present no health hazard, are easily washable and biodegradable. Thanks to the low energy density of the marker projectiles, injuries are virtually impossible, even with minimal protective equipment. All of the properties of the P30 have been retained, such as ergonomics, trigger characteristics and sight options, appearance, meaning that P30 users will be familiar with the P30CM training system straight away.

Cost-effective training system

  • Economical, high-quality marker projectiles
  • Compressed air as the propellant medium
  • No enclosed safety area necessary

Realistic training conditions

  • Handling/function similar to the P30 (trigger system, magazine changing, slide catch and hammer functions)
  • Modular system; all P30 variants and sight options can be reproduced on the P30CM
  • Minimal protective equipment for max. freedom of movement

Top quality standards for law enforcement

  • High functional reliability according to HK quality requirements
  • No pressure/energy fluctuation, unlike with CO2 systems

Environmentally friendly

  • Compressed air operation (no CO2 emissions)
  • Reusable reservoirs instead of disposable cartridges

No risk of injury or health risk

  • Low energy density prevents injuries even with minimal protective equipment
  • Pollutant-free filling and marking medium
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