MP7 | Compact, lightweight and 4.6 times more effective

The MP7 represents a new generation of enhanced-performance submachine guns that bridge the gap between assault rifles and conventional submachine guns. Developed as a genuine personal defense weapon, it far exceeds the NATO requirements profile.

The MP7 is extremely compact, lightweight, can be used in very confined spaces, and is practically recoil-free. It can be carried continuously, making it the ideal personal weapon for the soldier of today. Those who carry it will be suitably armed for the broadest range of operations.

Comparing the calibres, the penetration and terminal effects of the 4.6 mm x 30 cartridge are several times those of the standardised 9 mm x 19 cartridge. By way of illustration: The new high-performance calibre penetrates the NATO CRISAT TARGET (1.6 mm titanium and 20 layers of kevlar) even at 200 m. One fundamental requirement: At the same time, the risk of overpenetration is reduced to a minimum.

The MP7A2 has an U-shaped MIL-STD-1913 triple rail handguard to mount special accessories on the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions.

HK MP7 multi-purpose ambidextrous holster

The MP7 multi-purpose ambidextrous holster can be carried on the thigh, it can be secured to the belt at the hip, carried on the shoulder or concealed by a reversible vest. The weapon is secured to the holster using the lateral Picatinny rail of the MP7 whilst the locking mechanism ensures that the fire selector has to be in the SAFE position before the weapon can be holstered. This added safety feature elimniates the chance of accidentally firing the holstered weapon.

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