Mark 23 | The ultimate service weapon of the US Army Special Operations Command

Superior equipment for the best units. The H&K Mark 23 defeated all competitors after being subjected to the toughest comparative trials of the US Army Special Operations Command. It was adopted under the designation MK23 MOD.O, US SOCOM.

The tests which had to be successfully passed included the following:

  • 30 000 round endurance firing test with + P - ammunition
  • Test at extreme temperatures + 73°C /-50°C
  • 96 hour salt spray test
  • Sand, dust , mud test
  • 96 hour surf simulation
  • Harshest drop tests
  • Maximum accuracy and precision


Mark 23: Model in calibre .45 AUTO. Available trigger system: SA/DA.


  • Buffer system to minimize recoil forces
  • Ambidextrous safety lever
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Separate decocking lever on the left side
  • Extremely corrosion resistant surface coating of all metal components
  • Hard chrome plated polygon barrel

Overview of Holsters for HK Pistols

Pistol HolsterPistol Holster
Pistol Holster
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