USP Elite

The USP Elite has been designed specifically for the various large bore disciplines of the DSB, BDS and BDMP. This model offers exceptional features for an affordable price.

The USP Elite in detail:

  • Barrel length > 153 mm
  • Sight radius > 212 mm
  • High intrinsic accuracy due to locking system hand fitted to the particular pistol plus o-ring minimizing barrel play
  • Adjustable LPA micrometer rear sight recessed into the slide
  • Target trigger with adjustable trigger stop
  • Optimum grip angle
  • Optimised balance exploiting the maximum dimensions permissible acc. to target shooting guidelines
  • Cold-forged barrel made of high strength special steel with polygon profile
  • High strength glass fiber reinforced polyamide frame with stainless steel inserts
  • Patented buffer system to minimize recoil forces
  • Easy caliber exchange by separately available conversion kits:
    From USP Elite .45 Auto > USP Elite 9 mm x 19
    From USP Elite .45 Auto > USP Expert 9 mm x 19

Overview of Holsters for HK Pistols

Pistol HolsterPistol Holster
Pistol Holster
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