Frequently Asked Questions

Are spare parts still available for the older models such as HK 630, 770, 940, SL6, SL7, HK4, P9S, P7, etc?

We still offer spare parts for most parts subject to wear, it may, however, happen that some components are not avaiilable anymore. Please direct your inquiries covering components and accessories for those models to our technical support service.

Can I order directly with Heckler & Koch?

A direct order with Heckler & Koch is not possible. Heckler & Koch exclusively distributes its products and accessories via the specialized weapons trade.

Where do I send my weapon for repair?

In this case, we offer two possibilities to you. You may either have your weapon sent to our works via your dealer or you send it to us directly. The corresponding postal address is: Heckler & Koch GmbH | Heckler & Koch Str. 1 | 78727 Oberndorf a. N. | Germany.

If possible please always enclose a brief description of the problem/fault. Also be sure to send us the weapon only. We cannot assume any responsibility for previously assembled items of accessories provided by third parties.

Where do I send my SLB 2000 for repair?

The SLB 2000 will be repaired at Merkel Merkel Jagd- und Sortwaffen GmbH, Schützenstraße 26, D-98527 Suhl.

Why do I not find any CO2 weapons on the Internet site?

CO2, Softairweapons, etc. are neither produced nor distributed by Messrs. Heckler & Koch.

Where can I find the operator manual of my gun?

The operator manual can be found in the download area.

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