Corporate Compliance

Compliance Statement of the Executive Board

As a leading small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch enjoys worldwide a high reputation. The company stands for the highest quality and innovative products. Heckler & Koch wants to preserve and even extend this status. In doing so, the quality of our products is only one important success factor.  Sustained success in our business particularly depends on a high reputation due to lawful and ethically irreproachable behaviour of our company and of its employees. This is the only way we can build up the confidence of our customers and justify it continuously without the basis of our business being eliminated.

Consequently the observance of laws enjoys top priority with Heckler & Koch. Unfair or unethical behaviour endangers the sustained success of our firm up to the existence risk. The executive board is convinced of this. The executive board, the senior management, and all staff members thus always use the company’s principles and values as a guideline for their own behaviour. In doing so, our executives have a particular role model function. We expect each individual employee to observe the laws and to actively participate in these basic principles being heeded. We will prosecute contraventions with all means at our disposal. We call upon our employees, customers and other business partners to report contraventions they have beome aware of to the Chief Compliance Officer of the Heckler & Koch group.

The Ethical Business Principles of the Heckler & Koch group underline the determination to manage the company responsibly and according to the legal guidelines. These of course apply in all countries in which Heckler & Koch is active. Illegal or unethical behaviour is not compatible with these business principles and will not be tolerated by us.

Oberndorf, August 2016
The Board

Ethical Business Principles Heckler & Koch Group

Ethical Business Principles

The complete Ethical Business Principles of the Heckler & Koch Group are available here

HK Whistleblower Hotline:

Phone: +49-7423-792222
Mail: compliance-hotline(at)
(both contacts will be received confidentially by the HK-Chief Compliance Officer)

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