The legendary MP5 in semi-auto

Universal Pistol. Shoulder-Mounted Weapon. The SP5 is the commercial semi-automatic version of the legendary MP5 in caliber 9 mm x 19. All SP5 variants are absolutely identical to the MP5, particularly the magazine interface, buttstock/receiver cap, handguard and sight mount.


  • Ambidextrous safety lever
  • 10 round steel magazine (magazines with a capacity of 15 or 30 rounds are optionally available)
  • Diopter sight with four positions for a quick and precise aim
  • Receiver cap with eyelet for the carrying sling. Interface when using an optional buttstock
  • Interfaces for magazine, hand protection and buttstock of the weapon are identical to the models SP89/MP5
  • Wide range of accessories (Heckler & Koch Accessories Program)
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