No compromise,
zero tolerance!

from the Executive Board
Compliance with the law and acting with integrity according to our ethical guidelines and values are of utmost importance to our company and our business. Our products stand for protection and safety only if they are in the right hands and if the legal regulations and moral principles are complied with.

Our customers, especially members of the police and military forces who stand for security and order, can count on our products and services meeting the highest quality standards. Likewise, our clients can be assured that we do not accept unethical, immoral behaviour or even violations of the law. We would rather refrain from doing business than participate in one that violates legal requirements or our own Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the Code of Conduct).

No business at any price. We comply with the law, with international standards of business conduct and our internal policies and guidelines. No compromise, zero tolerance!

With our clear attitude, we are a serious, reliable partner for these customers, one they can trust implicitly. Your safety is in the hands of well-trained police officers and soldiers with the best firearms in the world from Heckler & Koch – that is our promise of quality.

Our Green Countries Strategy is a clear commitment. With our products and services, Heckler & Koch is an important part of the security architecture of the Federal Republic of Germany, the member states of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), the European Union, the states on an equal footing with NATO states, as well as some states that share the European value system. As a matter of principle, we only deliver to such countries. We conduct our business only in open, transparent and close consultation with the competent authorities and after obtaining their approval.

Every single employee is an ambassador of our company and has the responsibility of ensuring that our company knows how to deal with the principles and rules mentioned above. If our employees are uncertain of how to proceed, our Compliance Department is happy to help and advise them.

Let us strengthen your confidence in our actions and in our products. Integrity is the basis for sustainable and therefore long-term success.

Dr.-Ing. Jens Bodo Koch
Dr. Björn Krönert

Code of Ethics and 
Business Conduct

Effective as of 1 October 2019
Scope: Heckler & Koch Group

in the Heckler & Koch Group
Adhering to national and international laws and regulations is indispensable for the Heckler & Koch Group and a constant part of everyday business.

Therefore, all employees and managers always perform their duties within the legal framework and in accordance with internal guidelines. Because each and every one of us stands for the ethical core values and sustainable actions of the Heckler & Koch Group.

In order to further promote this behaviour within the company, the Heckler & Koch Group’s Compliance Management System was designed, implemented and further developed in accordance with the IDW AsS 980 standard. The aim of the Compliance Management System is to protect the company from misconduct and to promote compliance with laws and guidelines. Because deliberate misconduct has no place with us and will therefore be dealt with and sanctioned appropriately in every case.

For this, we use a conservative, risk-based approach to the core issues of anti-corruption, competition and antitrust law, and white-collar crime. This also includes a value-oriented compliance culture, a Group-wide compliance organisation, regular risk surveys and analyses, measures for implementation in the companies, risk-based training as well as continuous monitoring and improvement of the Compliance Management System.

Because we do not operate alone in the market, we expect a comparable understanding of compliance from our business partners, especially those who are in contact with customers on our behalf.

"Talk to me"
Whistleblower platform for compliance violations

Heckler & Koch stands for reliability and responsible action. Our whistleblower platform "Talk to me" is a protected, secure and independent reporting channel for our employees, customers, suppliers and third parties to report irregular actions or possible compliance violations, also anonymously.

Always keep
your mouth shut?
"Talk to me" is the name of our digital whistleblower reporting system where anyone can report information, even anonymously, about violations of our policies and laws. HK promotes an open corporate culture where we can talk about anything openly and without fear of reprisals. Talk to me! - The Compliance Department takes every hint seriously and treats them confidentially.
Whistleblower Hotline
Our whistleblower hotline enables employees and partner companies to report suspicions of possible misconduct and ethical breaches. It helps minimise risk and build trust, and allows our executives to address wrongdoing at an early stage.
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