HK 416 Assault Rifles to the Norwegian Armed Forces

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01/08/2019 – 1 min

Heckler & Koch supplies HK416 Assault Rifles
to the Norwegian Armed Forces
Heckler & Koch has been entrusted by the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency with the Supply of HK416 Assault Rifle Sets for their Norwegian Armed Forces.

The supply order will run over 36 months, beginning in 2019 and has an overall value of approximately 22 million Euro. The Norwegian Armed Forces was the first customer to adopt the HK416 in the year 2007.

The HK416 is a modern and highly modular assault rifle platform for law enforcement and military users. Depending on the requirements it can be tailored to the demand of the user concerned without having to make concessions regarding the strict specifications made on accuracy and handling safety.

Against the background of the political efforts aiming at the realisation of a European safety and defence politics Heckler & Koch has for decades equipped many European Armies with a standard assault rifle. The most prominent users are Germany (G36), France (HK416AIF), Norway (HK416), Spain (G36), Lithuania (G36), Latvia (G36) and the UK (SA80A2/A3). Added to these is a very large number of military and police commando units having adopted one or several weapon models made by Heckler & Koch.

Made for Safety

We want people to be able to live safely. Our products are designed to protect people in free democratic countries from threats and violence. Heckler & Koch is the leading manufacturer of small arms for NATO and EU countries.