New Head of HK Corporate Communications 

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02/01/2023 – 1 min

New Head of Corporate Communications at HK
Thomas Müller is the new Head of Corporate Communications at Heckler & Koch as of
February 1, 2023.

His position includes the management of the company's external and internal communications. In addition, Thomas Müller remains responsible for Public Affairs & Governmential Relations in his original position as Head of the Berlin Office. He will continue to report to the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Koch, with his expanded responsibilities. By combining the two positions, the company hopes to ensure clear and transparent communication in the future.
Dr. Koch: "Mr. Müller stands for an open communications strategy and has already successfully
demonstrated this in our Berlin office. With his appointment as Head of Corporate Communications, we continue to focus on transparency. We decided to fill the position internally
due to Mr. Müller's extensive, cross-sectional experience. In doing so, Heckler & Koch is
building on its successful communications strategy of recent years."
Mr. Müller: "Taking on the position of Head of Corporate Communications for such a traditionally successful company as Heckler & Koch is a great challenge. I am confident that I will
be able to put my previous experience to profitable use and I am looking forward to a constant
and trusting dialog with the representatives of national and international media. My ambition is to continue the very good work of my predecessor.

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