The perfected AR system in 308

The best technology
Heckler & Koch for Hunting and Sport

.308 Win calibre

Magazine capacity 10 cartridges

HKey slimline handguard

Tradition meets tomorrow. High precision for hunting and sport

Typically HK: Uncompromising high-end construction

The MR308 is available in 13, 16.5 and 20 inch barrel lengths. The cold-hammer-forged and hard-chrome-plated precision barrels are free-floating and ensure excellent accuracy. The Slim Line handguard with HKey interfaces fits snugly on the extended barrel nut, ensuring that no components warp or start to wobble under load. The extendable Slim Line buttstock in combination with the short barrel length makes the MR308 extremely easy to handle. The buttstock can be optimally adjusted to the physique by means of locking positions. Identical to the MR223, the big brother MR308 has controls on both sides and symmetrically arranged for a balanced combination of handling and control. Quick changes from right- to left-hand usage are possible, as is trouble-free operation by left-handed shooters.

MR308 - The perfected AR system in 308
A little G28 feeling

If you decide to buy an MR308 and still want to enjoy some G28 feeling, you can fulfil this wish by purchasing an MR308 A3-28. In this configuration, the MR308 has the components typical of the G28. These include the length-adjustable buttstock with fine adjustment and adjustable cheek rest, as well as the G28’s signature quad rail handguard with integrated flip-up front sight.

Technical specifications
Precision at a glance.
.308 Win
Operating principle
Semi-automatic, gas-operated
Bolt system
Locked rotating bolt head
Feed mechanism
Cartridge case ejection
Modes of fire
Single fire
Trigger pull
25 N
Barrel profile/Twist
Groove/land profile, 4 grooves, right-hand twist, 305 mm / C.I.P.
Mechanical dioptre sight
Magazine capacity
10 / 20 cartridges

Values rounded. Dimensions and weights may vary depending on the configuration. Subject to technical changes.


For any mission requirement. The variants of the MR308 product family.

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