Human rights and working conditions

Human rights 
and working conditions

Respect of human rights and fair working conditions are central components of Heckler & Koch’s company philosophy and corporate culture. We are committed to respect environmental protection, internationally recognized human rights and the core labour standards of the International Labor Organization and promote these in our own business area and among our direct suppliers. In order to comply with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act ("LkSG"), Heckler & Koch has implemented organizational measures in the form of a due diligence process.

Creation of the necessary internal organization

In an initial analysis, we have identified the areas affected by the LkSG and defined their tasks. The HR and Sustainability department as well as the Compliance department provide the Executive Board of H&K AG with specific support in complying with the obligations under the LkSG and coordinate the measures to be taken in our own business area. The responsible supply chain is ensured by the Supply Chain department through appropriate processes in accordance with the LkSG. To monitor compliance with the due diligence obligations under the LkSG, Heckler & Koch has appointed a human rights officer (HRO) who is part of the Compliance department.

Sustainable supply chain
In order to ensure a sustainable supply chain, Heckler & Koch subjects both its own business area and its suppliers to an annual and event-related risk analysis to determine human rights and environmental risks. Heckler & Koch has set out the requirements and shared values in the Supplier Code of Conduct. The Supplier Code of Conduct obliges everyone involved to comply with environmental, social and human rights standards. To ensure compliance with these standards, we have developed preventative measures.

Indirect suppliers at downstream stages of the value chain are required to comply with human rights and environmental standards through obligations towards our direct suppliers. If there are actual indications of possible human rights or environmental violations, we respond accordingly with preventative and remedial measures.

Preventative and remedial measures
We have implemented the following measures as preventative measures to ensure compliance with the LkSG:

Supplier self-disclosure
We use the measure of self-disclosure to assess whether direct suppliers meet the requirements for compliance with human rights and sustainability matters. We also carry out random on-site audits and check the accuracy of the information provided and hold discussions with suppliers.

Code of conduct for our own business area:
We have our "Code of Ethics and Business Conduct" for our own business area. Compliance with the requirements of our code of conduct forms an essential basis for employees in our companies.

Supplier Code of Conduct
With the Supplier Code of Conduct, Heckler & Koch has set clear requirements for suppliers regarding working conditions, social behaviour and environmental protection. We include this Supplier Code of Conduct in the contracts with suppliers. The Supplier Code of Conduct therefore represents an essential basis for the collaboration between Heckler & Koch and its suppliers.

Training program
Heckler & Koch has decided for a LkSG-eLearning. With this eLearning we convey the legal requirements and our ideas about compliance with human and environmental rights. If we choose suppliers in risk countries, we also make our training program available to these suppliers to raise their awareness for these matters.

The preventative measures established through due diligence processes are accompanied by appropriate remedial measures that take effect when violations are identified.


Complaint mechanism

Indications of a disregard for human rights, possible misconduct or other violations of our principles and guidelines by employees, suppliers or business partners can be reported anonymously at any time.


Made for Safety

We want people to be able to live safely. Our products are designed to protect people in free democratic countries from threats and violence. Heckler & Koch is the leading manufacturer of small arms for NATO and EU countries.