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Live in security. Protecting freedom – no compromise

Annual blood donation campaign
HK employees give blood

Every year, HK employees have the opportunity to participate in a blood donation. Over 85 staff members participated in the campaign in 2022. For this purpose, the canteen is converted into a donation centre. In addition to the good feeling of helping other people, each blood donor receives refreshments and a small gift as a thank you.

Faithfully served – loyalty earned
HK supports the Bundeswehr’s deployment veterans

The Association of German Deployment Veterans, with its motto “Faithfully served – loyalty earned”, is a non-profit association that supports active and former soldiers of the German Armed Forces after deployment and war missions as well as their relatives, but also the families of fallen and killed comrades. The association supports soldiers and veterans, especially with the psychological and physical consequences of their Bundeswehr deployment (e.g. self-help groups, therapeutic care), ensures the lasting memory of fallen veterans and provides financial assistance in individual cases. 

Heckler & Koch regularly supports the charitable purposes of the Association of German Deployment Veterans with donations.

One of Us 

The Community of German Commandos

The support association “Einer von Uns e.V.” (One of Us) is an integral part of the “Gemeinschaft Deutscher Kommandosoldaten” (Community of German Commandos). The aim of the association is to support commando soldiers, members of special units at home and abroad, active and former members of the Bundeswehr and their families who have died or been injured in war, accident or terror and who are innocently in need. In this context, support can also be given to the surviving dependents of soldiers or officers who have died in action, as well as to injured comrades in the form of financial and/or material assistance.

Heckler & Koch regularly supports the “One of Us” aid association with donations.

Björn Steiger Foundation
HK donates defibrillator and training equipment
Heckler & Koch supported the work of the Björn Steiger Foundation in 2022 with a donation of 9,000 euro. The assistance will be used to provide another defibrillator at a public location in the Oberndorf municipal area. The amount donated will also benefit the foundation’s “Retten macht Schule” (School of Rescue) initiative to provide young people with practical knowledge on the subject of first aid. 
A house with a roof garden
HK donates playhouse to kindergarten
The Protestant Children’s House “Regenbogen” (Rainbow) looks after children aged one to three years and a group of three to six year olds. The Protestant Children’s House attaches importance to each child’s independent development of movement, because it is in this way that the child explores the world and learns by experience. In turn, every experience a child has leads it to build up thought structures. The Children’s House works according to the “open room concept”, i.e. the individual rooms are open, divided into specific learning areas (e.g. creative area, building area, movement room, …) and accessible to all children in daily free play.

HK enables the installation of a play corner in the kindergarten in 2022 through the material donation of “A house with a roof garden”.

For more than 35 years

Heckler & Koch has been donating to Lebenshilfe
Since 1975, Lebenshilfe (Life Help) in the Rottweil district has been operating as an institution for the vocational and social rehabilitation of people with mental and multiple disabilities. It represents the idea of inclusion and promotes the cognitive abilities of people with disabilities in order to integrate them into everyday life and society.
We have been donating to Lebenshilfe in the Rottweil district for more than 35 years. The enduring assistance and active support of Lebenshilfe projects is dear to our hearts. We intend to continue this tradition in the future.

Empathic, cooperative and responsible.
We want to set a good example.


Environmental disaster Ahr valley
HK donates to people in need
HK donated the sum collected by the staff and doubled up by the Executive Board to the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, in favour of the badly affected community of Dernau in the Ahr Valley (Rhineland-Palatinate). Dernau primary school, like many other buildings in the Ahr valley, was destroyed by the flood disaster and had to be rebuilt. Many local volunteers have been working on the reconstruction for months. The HK staff, the HK board and the staff of the HK canteen (Fischer-Catering, Schramberg) also supported Dernau primary school in its reconstruction with a five-figure sum.
Give a future – plant trees
HK is a partner of the fit4future forest initiative and is reforesting
As part of the initiative “Give a future with Hitradio Antenne 1”, HK donated a total of around 1,400 trees for planting and has thus become a premium partner of the fit4future forest initiative. The trees were planted in the Oberndorf area.
Near-natural company grounds
More biodiversity on company premises
In spring 2022, the HK trainees started an independent project. They are dedicating themselves to the company grounds with the aim of creating a habitat for fauna and flora. The first step was to build a large insect hotel. They then installed many nesting boxes for birds on the factory premises. With these installations on the HK premises, the trainees want to contribute to the topic of sustainability at Heckler & Koch.

Our common goal for more nature-friendly company grounds is divided into several segments. We want to minimise soil sealing, allow partial areas to become overgrown, and provide living space for indigenous plants. We consciously refrain from using fertilisers and pesticides and are promoting the use of rainwater.
We want to provide endangered species with a habitat or a better food basis on the site without restricting the functionality of the site as a business location.
“Responsibility and sustainability means respect for people and the environment.”
Bernd M.

Head of Sustainability Management


Made for Safety

We want people to be able to live safely. Our products are designed to protect people in free democratic countries from threats and violence. Heckler & Koch is the leading manufacturer of small arms for NATO and EU countries.