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H&K AG Shares
ISIN: DE000A11Q133
Symbol: MLHK
Quantity: 35.482.784
Since July 28, 2015 H&K AG’s shares have been listed under ISIN DE000A11Q133 on the Euronext stock exchange in Paris, on the “Euronext Access” multilateral trading facility (MTF). The average share price shown on the Euronext during 2023 was significantly higher than our calculated share value due to the very low volume of trading.
Sales strategy with a
clear focus
Our sales strategy remains focused on so-called “Green Countries”; the“Green Countries Strategy” is a voluntary limitation to NATO member states, the EU and the NATO-equivalent countries (Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan). In addition to these, for countries that are classed as partners by the German government, deliveries may be approved on a case-by-case basis.
The focus on “Green Countries” since 2016 has stabilised the Group’s forecasting and delivery capabilities.
This “Green Countries Strategy” is not only fully in line with the laws, regulations, requirements and restrictions that the German Government has issued for defence exports, but goes significantly further.
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for a sustainable investment with H&K AG

Heckler & Koch is a pioneer of the “Green Countries Strategy” and an investment in controlled arms exports

Heckler & Koch is an investment in sustainability with concrete Net Zero Strategy 2030

Heckler & Koch is an investment in security and the protection of fundamental values of liberty and democracy 

Heckler & Koch is a premium supplier of small arms and an investment in internal and external security


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of H&K AG

Heckler and Koch is a important building block in the security architecture in Europe and NATO.

We equip allied forces to protect our peace and our democracy.

We align our business activities with this demanding task.
Dr.-Ing. Jens Bodo Koch



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Key figures and the development of the H&K Group

Uncompromising quality and always at the service of the customer, that's how we live our self-image.
We ensure our company's success and invest more in our superior manufacturing know-how and especially in the development of our employees.
Our products are the reference in our market, that is and remains our claim.
Andreas Schnautz



Made for Safety

We want people to be able to live safely. Our products are designed to protect people in free democratic countries from threats and violence. Heckler & Koch is the leading manufacturer of small arms for NATO and EU countries.